I Guarantee That We Can INSTANTLY Improve:
  • Your Full Sales & Marketing Campaigns
  • Your Individual Offers
  • Your Overall Branding / Messaging
  • Your Most Sophisticated Sales Funnels
  • Your Website Conversions, Content & Copy
  • Your Most Sophisticated Product Launches
And we're literally putting OUR money where OUR mouth is to prove it!
Ken Foody
Top Offer, Sales Funnel, & Marketing Campaign Expert
Director of Strategy & Fulfillment for Digital Marketer's "Funnel Experts" Program 2013-2014
Founder, Chief Strategist -
The Funnel Firm since 2014
Business Consultant & Sales/Marketing Advisor for 26 Years to 100's of Companies World Wide
From the Desk
of Ken Foody
Dear New Friend :)

If you run a "Purpose-Driven Business," and you have an offer, product or service that's "worthwhile..."

...meaning that you have a positive impact on the lives and/or businesses of those you sell to,
and you're not someone who sells a lot of everyday "widgets" just to make money (not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just not who I'm interested in)...


...then I make you a 100% GUARANTEE that you'll earn more money WITH my eyeballs on your offer(s) than WITHOUT them and we'd be very interested in talking with you about getting your valuable offers in front of a MUCH WIDER AUDIENCE than ever before and increasing your revenues/profits while we do it! 

I'd love to talk to see if we might be a good fit to work together, absolutely no commitments!

NOW, How Can I Guarantee You'll Make More Money With My Help?

Because if I CAN'T make you more money than you're making right now on your own...


I promise this isn't a sneaky trick or some slick sales tactic, it's not NLP programming or "Shenanigans" of any kind! (although, is it possible that by saying it "ISN'T NLP Programming," it may in fact be NLP Programming? :) Well if so, it's purely unintentional.....or is it? mwahahaha! :)  

But, back to my offer and WHY WOULD I EVEN MAKE SUCH AN ONE? (yep, that be proper English!)

Why? It's because I have a problem. No really, I have a problem, and I freely admit it! I'm taking medication and I'm seeking help!.. 

I'M HONESTLY & TRULY AN ADDICT! You can ask my wife, my kids, my friends, my clients, my students, and pretty much anyone who knows me, I am a Cutting-Edge Marketing ADDICT! Everywhere I go, I'm magnetically drawn to sales copy, billboards, offers, and marketing materials of any kind.

I CRITIQUE EVERYTHING! Most of the time I don't even realize I'm doing it! All of a sudden my attention is OFF the conversation I was having with whoever I was having it with and I'm engrossed in whatever Marketing Vehicle I see:

TV Commercials, Internet Ads, Youtube Video Ads, Banners, Emails, Junk Mail, Slogans on Clothing, HECK even Fortune Cookies! 

You name it and if it's intended in any way shape or form to influence, entice, brand or sell something - I have a 6th sense or radar in my head that's drawn to it. 

I'm 1,000% ADDICTED to Sales & Marketing Strategies and there's simply NOTHING I'LL EVER BE ABLE TO DO ABOUT IT! It's How God Made Me!

There's just nothing I enjoy more on this Earth (work-wise) than to exercise the gifts I've been given to learn about a company, it's target market and to create and improve their Offers, Strategies, Sales Funnels, Marketing, Branding & Communications!

It is really and truly my DRUG of choice! I LOVE IT - I NEED IT and if I don't get my fix at least a little bit every single day, I become an unbearable Grumpy Gus who just walks around like he's been wearing his "itchy undies" for a week!

So here's MY OFFER to improve YOUR OFFER(S) or else you get to take me up on MY OFFER of paying you $500 out of my own pocket for wasting your time and failing to improve YOUR OFFER. (Did ya follow all that?!)
I set apart some time each week to work with a few people so I CAN get my "fix" and "freebase" on the purest form of work that I love the most and YOU CAN INSTANTLY INCREASE YOUR SALES

(BTW even if the appointments for the week are full but you have an emergency or urgent need, you can pretty much count on the fact that I'll have my assistant move things around in my schedule to fit you in!) 

Click the button below, enter your contact information and I'll quickly get you all the details.
Founder of The Funnel Firm

Former Director of Digital Marketer's 
"Funnel Experts" Program
(Handpicked by Frank Kern & Ryan Deiss)

Author of the upcoming 3 volume definitive "Funnel Mastery Series" 

Strategist, Advisor, Consultant, Coach, Teacher, Speaker & Serial Entrepreneur
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